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Clinical Research Site based in the Northern Cape, Kimberley.

Participate in clinical trials to access innovative treatments and therapies before they are widely available

Experience personalized care and support throughout your clinical trial journey with Trident Clinical.

Play a crucial role in advancing medical knowledge and the development of new and improved treatments.

We ensure your safety and well-being, providing regular check-ups and close attention to any potential side effects.

Who We Are

A dedicated Clinical Research Site in the Northern Cape

Trident Clinical conducts Clinical Trials in and around the Kimberley area.

Our mission is to empower the community through accessible Clinical Trials, offering a gateway to cutting-edge medical innovations and improved medications. Join us in pioneering healthcare advancements, where you have the opportunity to access groundbreaking treatments not readily available elsewhere. Your participation contributes to a future of alternative and progressive medical care options.

Your Health, Our Commitment

Trident Clinical strives to provide the community with access to healthcare and innovative treatments.


Our aim is to introduce clinical research to the Northern Cape and thereby provide jobs, experience, education and expertise. Through this, inspire growth and development of the overall community.


It is the mission of Trident Clinical to become an accredited research site, running multiple clinical trial studies, and becoming an integral part of the upliftment of clinical research in the province.

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At Trident Clinical, your safety is our top priority. We implement rigorous safety precautions, including continuous monitoring, thorough health assessments, and prompt response protocols.

Meet Our Team

Community driven medical innovation

We are a local team of professionals who strive to uplift the community of Kimberley and the Northern Cape.

Ebrahim Essop

Chief Executive Officer

Kyla Ryland

Clinical Trial Manager

Christine Kanjee

Study Coordinator

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We're based in New Park, Kimberley.

Our facilities are conveniently located in a central location. On the corner of Angel and Halkett Street. A medical practice and clinical research site combined.

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