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The Northern Cape's First Dedicated Clinical Research Site

Trident Clinical

Trident Clinical is the first and only dedicated Clinical Research Site based in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa.

Established in 2018, Trident has since become globally acclaimed as a high recruiting, quality-driven Clinical Research Site. 

Key Focus Areas


DS-TB, DR-TB, TB/HIV, TB Vaccines

Respiratory Diseases

COPD, Asthma, Fibrosis, Pneumonia


Hypovolaemia, Emergency Medicine

Infectious Diseases

COVID 19, Influenza, Vaccines


NSTEMI, STEMI, CABG, Stenting, Dyslipidaemia, Angina, CVAs

Why choose us?

Specialized Facilities

Temperature Controlled Lab & Pharmacy (CTMDs), Eco-Friendly Inverter Backup Power System (4 hours), Dedicated Monitoring, Filing, Consulting and Meeting rooms. Certified HEPA Filtration, Negative Pressure and Unidirectional Air Flow, Outdoor Waiting Area, Separate Admin and Clinical Spaces


Central, high traffic area with no recruitment competitors, only clinical research site in the Northern Cape, only Tertiary Care Facility in a large radius (large drainage area to Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital (RMSH), Existing relationship with RMSH and NCDoH (TAT app. 2-4 weeks)


7 Skilled, Trained, Dedicated, Qualified staff members including 2 SSCs (20+ Years Collective Experience)


Audit-Cleared Quality (Sponsor Initiated Audit), Customized Quality Management Plan per Study,


High Retention Rate, Patient-Centric Approach, Decentralized-Friendly, Home Visit Team


Large GP Referral Network, Existing Patient Database with over 300+ Potential Participants, Existing Relationship with State Facilities' Senior Management Teams,

Capacity Building (Research Naive Area)

Generatin New PI's, building research capacity through training, Job Creation in Clinical Research and Exposure to Industry

Experienced Investigators

2 main PI's with a collective ~10 Years Research Experience

Our Vision

To Be a Significant Contributor to the Advancement of Medicine and Science; and Impact the Local Communities through Job Creation, Education and Empowerment

Our Mission

To Increase the Number of Clinical Studies Conducted in the Northern Cape Province

To Build Capacity for Clinical Trials and the Clinical Research Industry in the Northern Cape through Job Creation, Training, Experience and Promotion.

To Expand Access to Professional, High-Quality Medical Care

Trident Clinical Promises to Protect the Rights of All Research Participants and Uphold Ethical Principles and Standards as Outlined by SA-GCP, ICH-GCP, The Declaration of Helsinki, and Other Research Guidance Documents.


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